I Can't Stop Watching This $35,000 RC Fighter Jet Crash and Burn

GIF: YouTube / Gizmodo

“Oh, it’s so majestic! Watch it zoom around those trees! It gets so close to the grass! It goes upside down! It swoops over the crowd! It’s heading straight for the ground! It’s heading straight for the ground!! It’s heading straight for the ground!!! It’s hea——”

That’s roughly what you’ll say to yourself as you watch the first 60 seconds of this RC fighter jet video. The 1:3-scale hobby plane, which apparently cost $35,000 to build, really does put on an impressive show, swirling and soaring all across the beautiful blue sky. And then it simply disappears into a violent 1:3-scale explosion, leaving flames licking the air and black smoke casting shadows on what was once a glorious aircraft.

Maybe the pilot wanted to destroy something beautiful. Probably he just made a very expensive error.



Senior editor at Gizmodo.

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