Think about how many keyboard shortcuts you’ve memorized. Now think about how much better your life would be if you knew a hundred, or a thousand, more. Why force ourselves to memorize shortcuts anyway, when we now have the technology to build infinitely customizable screens?

Why, indeed? With its new keyboard concept, Sonder is offering us a tantalizing glimpse of a future where keyboards are no longer just a bunch of buttons with letters and numbers, but a screen that can be programmed to display anything we want it to. Need to learn Chinese in a jiffy? Brush up on Photoshop and Illustrator? Maybe your computer is basically a Half-Life 2 machine, and while you couldn’t care less about QWERTY, you’d sure feel safer with a Gravity Gun button at your fingertips.


The possibilities of a keyboard equipped to show you anything are basically limitless. But we should try to temper our excitement for now—this product is still just a concept, we haven’t seen the software that’ll run it yet, and, while Sonder says it’ll be launching a Kickstarter later this year, crowdfunding campaigns that haven’t yet started come with an extra big grain of salt. Still, if you’d like to give Sonder your vote of confidence, you can pre-order one of these lovelies today for $199. If and when memorizing keyboard shortcuts goes the way of memorizing phone numbers, you’ll be one of the first to enjoy the glorious new world.

[Sonder via PetaPixel]


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