If Your iPhone Has Ever Dropped a Call, Read This

If you're excited about today's Verizon iPhone bonanza, it's for one reason: hoping for the shining light of non-sucky service. Here's all of the news (and opinion) you need to get caught up on what might be your next phone:

The Verizon iPhone Is Here
Will the iPhone Crush Verizon's Network?
Verizon iPhone Can Act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Did Verizon's iPhone Fix the Death Grip Issue?
Are You Going to Buy a Verizon iPhone?
Don't Buy the Verizon iPhone 4
Verizon's Not Scared of iPhone 4 Traffic One Bit
Fuck You, AT&T
Here's How to Ditch Your AT&T iPhone and Switch to a Verizon iPhone for Free


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