I'm in Awe of This Four-Foot Nerf Bazooka That Fires Pool Noodle Rockets

In recent years, Nerf has added some gigantic blasters to its lineup, at times necessitating the need for a shoulder strap. But they still can’t compare to one of YouTube’s Ryan & David’s recent creations: a four-foot long custom-built bazooka that fires oversized darts made from pool noodles.

It’s reminiscent of Mark Rober’s world’s biggest Nerf gun, but instead of a tank of pressurized air to propel giant darts, this bazooka uses actual explosives to fire foam missiles that utterly destroy its targets. If your friends plan a friendly Nerf blaster battle and someone shows up carrying one of these, make sure you’re on their team.


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I’m of the firm opinion that once you reach probable concussion territory you’ve left “Nerf” territory. This is (kinda) nifty an all, but it’s not Nerf.

edit: Ok, I just got to the watermelon destruction. This is in possible death territory.