In the Go North Trailer, the Apocalypse Is High Schoolers Ruling Themselves

Image: Go North screencap from the trailer, Gunpowder & Sky
Image: Go North screencap from the trailer, Gunpowder & Sky

I actually cannot think of a hell worse than being trapped in a high school with the jocks running things. That’s enough to make anyone long for their parents, principals, and teachers.


Go North takes place after some disaster has led to Lord of the Flies/Children of the Corn-style community of children, led by children. Only, in this case, it’s being run the way we all imagine high schools are run: by the popular.

Jacob Lofland (Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials) and Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena) go looking for their families and, you know, the hope of not being controlled by a varsity letter by, you guessed it, going north. They’re chased by the evil Caleb (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and his minion (James Bloor).

Enjoy this trailer, which contains the second creepiest use of the Pledge of Allegiance I’ve seen this year, after Man in the High Castle.

Go North will be available in theaters and VOD on Jan. 13.

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Those high school jocks are going to be especially brutal since they appear to have been held back well into their twenties. ;)