Intravenous Vitamin Mix Bar Alleviate Stress, Aging

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If you've ever watched that episode of House where the good doctor nurses his hangover by hooking himself up to an IV drip and said to yourself "I wish I could do that," you're in luck. Now in Japan, even people who aren't wisecracking M.D.s can get an IV drip pick-me-up at Tenteki10. Located in swanky Ebisu, Tokyo, the IV drip cafe features walk-in service with bags of fluids starting at $20 a pop. Their menu is quite varied.

The cheapest option, the Basic Pack, contains a proprietary blend of saline solution and Vitamins B6, B12 and C. For a couple thousand yen more, a user can add on a combination of nine other drip bags, with options like Red Pack for an energy lift, Diet Pack for a metabolism boost and Placenta Pack for "rejuvenation."

The cafe is operated by a subsidiary of a medical clinic, but is unsurprisingly not covered by Japan's national health insurance. A doctor at Tenteki10 calls the IV drip service "preventive medicine" and stresses that it's an option for people to "raise their awareness of daily health management on their own." Right. As if anyone would go to an IV drip bar and then decide to exercise, eat right and get enough sleep. [Japan Today via DVICE]

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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

Blegh, I'll wait longer to try any wild pick-me-ups, they killed it at the word "intravenous", since I'm so bloody (no pun intended) squeamish and don't want to get a needle stuck in me to feel better.

Whatever happened to that high-speed vaccine injector? Modify that, hook it up to that pouch, and I'd be content.