iPod nano Scratch Lawsuit, the Plantiff Wants Out

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Remember that silly lawsuit that pitted the world against Apple because the iPod nano scratches too easily? Well it seems the lead plaintiff, Jason Tomczak, never wanted anything to do with the case. He actually said he wanted to clear his name from the suit and didn't want his name to be used publicly. Well, Jason Tomczak, nobody—and we mean nobody—gets away with bitching at our beloved Apple anonymously. Apparently it was a mistake of a law firm to include Jason Tomczak's name in the legal documents. I hope you learned your lesson, Jason Tomczak, if you are going to cry and whine about wittle skwatches on your wittle iPod, you better be ready to deal with the public ridicule.

Nano Scratch Class Action Plaintiff Says He Had Nothing To Do With The Lawsuit [Techdirt]