Is Apple Planning Its Own Photo-Sharing Service?

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A message to Facebook's billion-dollar baby, Instagram: Look out, because Apple might have you in the crosshairs. The Wall Street Journal claims Cupertino is working on a photo-sharing option to be revealed in June at WWDC.


The new service would be part of an upgrade to iCloud, and it would presumably work with Photo Stream to let people share and comment on snapshots. It will also reportedly include video syncing. As of now, iCloud lets you sync your stuff across your devices, but it doesn't let you share. The new feature is believed to be a part of iOS 6, which devs may get the first glimpse of at next month's conference.


Sharing would definitely be a nice addition to iCloud, and it's something it should have, especially now that Google's cloud-based storage offering, Google Drive, has made its debut. [Wall Street Journal via TheNextWeb]

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I would love to see this at the album level. Sharing several photos taken with your iDevice is far more difficult than it needs to be.