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Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Justice League's new Batman?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now that Christian Bale has hung up his cape, it's time for some young pup to take over the Batman franchise. And with the much whispered about Justice League feature beating down Warner Bros. door Batman's gotta be cast, and fairly soon if the studio wants to compete with the integrated superhero storyline Marvel Studios has created.

But who will get the part? The end of the Nolan Bat Trilogy set up Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a potential future Batman. And a batch of new rumors seem to confirm JGL's place not only in his own Batman movies, but in the Justice League picture and Man of Steel as well.


Hitfix is reporting that JGL is absolutely the new Batman and will appear in both the Justice League movie and possibly the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. This isn't a huge shock as Nolan basically handed the keys to the Batcave to JGL at the end of Dark Knight Rises, but JGL in Justice League and cameoing in the new Superman movie? That could be pretty rad. It's going to be pretty hard to compete with the tone of the Nolan films, but so far Man of Steel is channeling dark, lobster boat man Clark Kent pretty hard. Should be interesting to see how this is all going to play into the Justice League flick.