iShoes v2 Announced, Redesigned and Priced

It was just last week we told you about the original iShoes, and now the company has already rolled out the next generation of the electric-powered self-propelled footwear. The company is telling us more specs will be forthcoming tomorrow, but so far, version 2 looks like a radical redesign compared to its predecessor. Gone are those 4-inch "all-terrain" wheels, replaced by wheels that are more like the size of roller skates, and now instead of the four-wheel arrangement, it's a triangular setup. Still, the drive wheel contains a wired controller. More new info includes pricing: $399 for the small size, fitting shoe sizes 4 to 7, and $499 for the large size, accommodating shoe sizes 8 to 14. We're hoping this new version goes faster—version 1.0 could only get up to 15MPH. [iShoes]


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