It's Easy To Clean Under This Levitating Bed

Scientists claim there are no black holes close enough to harm our solar system. But they're clearly not acknowledging the black holes that exist under every bed, sucking in and trapping dropped items, random clothing, and seemingly every last speck of dust in a room. There's a solution, though, in the form of Letti Bolzan's clever Iorca bed, which lifts your mattress to turn that under-bed void into tons of easily accessible storage space.

A set of piston-assisted arms raise the bed's mattress into the air like Aladdin's flying carpet, except that it's probably not strong enough to support a passenger—so you can get that idea out of your head. In addition to all that extra storage, raising the mattress on the $3,000 Iorca bed probably also makes it a whole lot easier to make the sheets. And if you've got visiting guests that aren't terribly claustrophobic, there's no reason that extra space under there can't double as a spare bunk. [Letti Bolzan via Fancy]


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