It's Like An Apple Store...WITH GUNS

So described one viewer after watching the video below, which was shot at the futuristic Müller Schiess Zentrum facility in Germany. It has 3D hunting simulators! A restaurant! Shops! And enough white-washed walls and stark interiors to make Apple jealous.

The shooting range is in Ulm, Germany, and even though the video is in German and I have no idea what they're saying, I just know I need to go there. Shoot a couple of Dells, maybe an Acer or two—you know, normal stuff you'd want to do in a shooting range that looks inspired by an Apple store. [MSZU via The Firearm Blog]

UPDATE: Reader Ron has emailed in, saying that his German wife watched the video and can report that the facilities are only open "to law enforcement, licensed hunters and licensed gun owners in Germany." Apparently, to procure a hunter's license one must spend a year studying botany, zoology, federal law, anatomy, and not to mention everything about firearms—with the lessons alone costing a minimum of $8,000 USD.


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