It's Okay to Look Through These Hacked Passwords

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If you've ever wanted a Twitter account that has around 10 followers, a randomly generated username, and is following thousands of random people, today is your lucky day. Earlier today, an anonymous hacker dumped 55000 usernames and passwords onto Pastebin. Normally, this would be a real inconvenience—and a worrisome breach—but all the affected appear to be spambots with randomly generated passwords and email addresses.

It's easy to tell that these are spambots, because almost all of the accounts have the type of passwords that are easy for a robot to remember but easier for an actual person to forget. Many of the accounts affected no longer exist, and even if the passwords weren't leaked, Twitter still regularly shuts down spambots. Most likely, few of these accounts will exist in a week. But if you were itching for a catchy computer -enerated Twitter handle like @Jesicawuaqg or @Pamulakmqxl, well, you've got thousands to choose from. Unless your name really is Jesica Wuaqg. Then you might have a problem. [AirDemon via TheNextWeb]