J.J. Abrams Could Be Directing A Second Star Wars Movie!

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Our first look at the next Hunger Games movie is full of flames. The live-action Attack on Titan movie shows off its CG behemoths. The cast of The Flash talk about this week's big twist. Plus, teasers for what's in store on Outlander, 12 Monkeys, Helix, and more. Spoilers get!


Top image: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Episode IX

J.J. Abrams may not be on board Episode VIII in any capacity, but rumor has it he's Lucasfilm and Disney's current front-runner to direct the third part of the new trilogy. And Latino Review adds:

We can only report it as a rumor this far out, but those at Disney who have seen footage from The Force Awakens are very happy with what Abrams has delivered. J.J. himself has been vocal about how crazy the process has been, but has given equal time to his love of the series.

Apparently there are serious enough discussions about Abrams' return that four different anonymous sources confirmed it. [ Latino Review]

Attack On Titan

Here's our first brief look at the footage from the live action adaptation of the hugely popular Manga/Anime series. [via Kotaku]

Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

Paul Reubens sat down with EW to talk about the idea for the movie:

It's a road-trip movie across the country. It's very similar in style and tone to Pee-wee's Big Adventure. But it's not about a bicycle. I never really thought of Big Adventure as a family movie, but I didn't try to make an adult movie or a kid movie. We wanted to make something that appealed to a wide age range, and I think that's the case with this movie also.


And also shared this first image from the film on his blog. [via /Film]

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The date for Tarsem Singh's thriller, starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley, has been moved up to July 10th. [ The Wrap]



For some reason this needed clarifying, but Sally Field confirmed that her time as Aunt May is over now that Spider-Man is being rebooted. [ Den of Geek]



Following yesterday's twitter slip, T.J. Miller has confirmed he will play Weasel in the movie. [Comic book]


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Here's a brief teaser of the Mockingjay emblem transforming amid fire for the new movie, as well as a new poster. [ Entertainment Weekly via CBR]

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The Flash

Here's Andrew Kreisberg on what Barry's newfound ability to travel in time means for the show:

Now that Barry has gone back in time, next week's episode will deal with "how much of [what took place in Episode 15] still happens and how much of it might possibly change," Kreisberg previews. As Dr. Wells pointed out previously, "there's different versions of time travel. There's the fixed loop and then there's the version where time is more plastic and mutable. One of the fun things is discovering, like on Doctor Who, what's a fixed point in time and what can't be changed, what things always have to happen, and then what things are changeable and mutable. It's a mixture of both." That could spell bad news for Cisco — or good, if you look at it from the point of view of "Yay! He gets to live!" — because the episode explores "how certain events occur that prevent Cisco from following along the same trajectory" in his suspicions about Dr. Wells. Then there's this question: Is there now a parallel universe with no Flash? "Is there?" Kreisberg replies coyly.


[ TV Line]

And here's Tom Cavanaugh on how he handled the reveal that Harrison Wells is really Eobard Thawne:

The starting point has always been Eobard Thawne, and then Harrison Wells is layered upon it. What's good about it is that it's not exactly duplicitous. There's an element of that, but he doesn't lie. He doesn't lie to them. He almost never lies. He's telling the truth. He's furthering his agenda, but he's also furthering Barry's agenda, and those two agendas are simpatico. As he's working with them, he is appreciative.

All that stuff that you see is not a mustache-twirling, villainous starting point. It's actually genuine. We're trying to accomplish something, and for the first season, we're accomplishing it together.

As we see in this episode, that makes it a little more heartbreaking when the next phase of the plan starts to happen. I think that's just good writing. If he was just a dick the whole time, when he kills Cisco, you'd just hate him. But now that we've established that they are a group and a team, to watch that fracture, I find it all the more compelling.


[ Comic Book]

And here's a new promo poster for Captain Cold and Heatwave's return. [ CBR]

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The role of Maze has been recast — now The Librarians' Lesley-Ann Brandt will be replacing Lina Esco. [THR]


Game of Thrones

Early reviews for the season 5 première are in, and are largely very positive. Forbes Magazine says that the episode features a "magnificent set-piece that surely heralds a difficult season ahead" for Daenerys, while the Telegraph says that the opener "spins a whole new web of political intrigue, meticulously setting the scene, and generally eschewing any of the blood-splattered gore we've come to expect from later instalments". Here's a snippet from the Guardian's review too:

All the elements that have made Game of Thrones notorious, from copious nudity to moments of unexpected violence, were present but this was a notably confident series opener, one which mixed humour and pace to demonstrate how secure Benioff and Weiss now are in this world – and how happy they are to take risks.


[ Watchers on the Wall]


Here's a short synopsis for the second episode, "Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?" as well as a promo. [ Coming Soon]

Liv (Rose McIver), Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) work together to solve the mysterious death of a well-known painter. Liv finds herself consumed with passion after eating his brain, and can't resist trying to seduce Major (Robert Buckley). Meanwhile, Blaine (David Anders) makes a surprise visit to the morgue.

Heroes Reborn

Shameless' Danika Yerosh has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. [Entertainment Weekly]



E! Online has a few brief teasers hidden in the form of a drinking game metaphor:

In the spirit of the drinking game, I can tell you that Jamie would have to drink at: "Ne'er Have I E'er been completely naked standing up out of a river, with my hands serving as a wee bitty sports cup." And also "Ne'er Have I E'er passed out drunk and then been taken to task by my ladylove." And yes, I am talking about things that happened ON THE SHOW, in upcoming episodes, just to be perfectly clear!


Wayward Pines

Here's a new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's series about a creepy small town intent on living the good life and occasionally murdering each other. [ Deadline]

12 Monkeys

Ramse sets a plan in motion to stop Cole and Jones in this clip from "Divine Move".

Here's some promo pictures from the following episode, "Shonin" — as usual, you can find plenty more here. [Spoiler TV]

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Winger's search team makes contact with a eerie group in sneak peek at "Mother".

Agents Of SHIELD

Things aren't looking good for Coulson's version of SHIELD in this promo for "Love in the time of Hydra". [ Spoiler TV]

The Messengers

Finally, here's a new promo poster for this apocalyptic series. [ Spoiler TV]

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Additional reporting by Abhimanyu Das and Charlie Jane Anders.




Does anyone remember when Eobard Thawne is from? I could probably Google it, but I'm being lazy. Just curious, because I'm wondering how old Barry/Flash would be in his time that his is his greatest enemy that he'd want to go back in time to kill him as a child to prevent the creation of The Flash. Unless his super speed/super healing allows him to age slower, kind of like Wolverine. My Flash comic knowledge is limited...

Is there now a parallel universe with no Flash?

I made this comment in the article about Tuesday's episode, but I'll make it again. As it is in the show, we have a classic Terminator time travel paradox here. RF went back in time to prevent The Flash from being created, but instead is responsible for his creation, much like Skynet is responsible for the creation of John Connor.

I'm sure there could be a parallel universe with no Flash, just like there would probably be one where Bruce Wayne's family walks out of that alley without being mugged...