Japanese Alien Pod Bus Provides 12 Laps of Luxury

If the V's were real (no, not those, the good ones) they'd probably travel around in a bus like this one from Japan.

First of all, those are not seats you're seeing. Seats are archaic, uncomfortable things that we Americans are forced to sit in while traveling on Greyhound or the Bolt Bus from Boston to NYC. Nay! These are "cocoons" and they are seemingly glorious things that exude nothing but comfort all over the backsides of their voyaging occupants.

Willer Express, which runs from Osaka to Tokyo, only seats twelve people. But each of those people gets their own personal relaxation pod, complete with a seat that reclines 140 degrees, a personal entertainment system, free WiFi, dedicated power outlets, and high partitions to separate you from your annoying fellow passengers. - DVICE


Ticket price is about $130 for a one-way trip (6-7 hour ride) and is cheaper than a bullet train. I'm going to assume there's an onboard bathroom as well. It's probably this thing and Biddle's the attendant. [Willer Express via DVICE]

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