Japanese Inventor Wants to Destroy Typhoons With Submarines

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Typhoons are a deadly problem along eastern Asia, killing dozens yearly. Their lifeblood? Warm ocean water. Which is exactly what Japanese inventor Koichi Kitamura wants to fix, with subs that would pump cold water to the surface, killing storms dead.


When seas are between 77 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit, typhoons are able to grow in, boosting their ravaging power as they head ashore. But Kitamura's subs—only existing as patents, for the time being—would slip beneath the rampaging storms and then use 65 foot tubes to pump cold water to the surface, halting the typhoon's progress (or at least weakening it). Kitamura claims a fleet of 20 such subs, pumping 480 metric tons of seawater per minute, could reduce the temperature of over 61,000 square feet by three degrees—enough take down the storm. [Telegraph via Scuttlefish]

Photo by NASA Goddard

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So basically save humans who have built homes in places they shouldn't by messing with the natural thermal stratification of the ocean? No thanks.

Hurricanes are an important weather phenomena which are part of the way our atmosphere regulates itself... We adapt to them, not the other way around.