Illustration for article titled Japanese ISS Module Slipping Into the Dark: Bulbs Burn Out, No Spares

Sheesh, if it's not one thing it's another: first the International Space Station had space toilet issues, and now bulbs are burning out in the new Japanese Kibo module. Lots of them. About half of the 21 fluorescent bulbs have burned out since it was installed earlier this year and, with other outages on the station, there are no more spares aboard. Replacements won't get there until the November Shuttle flight...which has Japan's space agency Jaxa worried it'll be too dark in Kibo for the science experiments it was designed for. You might wonder why they don't use LEDs: JAXA's working on those, but won't get them to orbit until 2010. In space no one can see you scream in frustration. [Wired Science]

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