Just Look at How Insane Your Phone's Graphics Will Be Next Year

Project Logan is NVIDIA's next-gen mobile processor. Inside of it is the Kepler GPU, which NVIDIA claims the fastest, most advanced scalable GPU in the world. Last year, Kepler hit desktops and laptops, and next year your phone and tablet are about to get supercharged.

We have seen just how crazy NVIDIA can make graphics on the desktop, and your mobile devices are up next. Kepler is a low-power, high-performing, super advanced system. It has full support of Open GL 4.4, Open GL, ES 3.0, and DX 11.


One of Kepler's big benefits is it's a low power system. NVIDIA says its performance per watt is three times better than that of an iPad. And typically it uses less than one-third of the power of GPUs in most tablets, while rending just the same. So Project Logan's Kepler GPU will probably give a lot more juice on a single charge without affecting your device's performance. In the two demos in this post, you can see what these guts might make things look like on your phone in the future. NVIDIA won't say which devices are getting Kepler, but perhaps if you get a new phone in 2014 with a crazy battery life and amazing on-screen performance, the Kepler GPU will be the reason.

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As the namesake for this project, I'm just assuming here, I have to say I'm honored. Unfortunately I'm also going to have to sue NVIDIA for stealing the title of my self-titled blockbuster action/comedy based on my life as a international super spy and my exploits to repeatedly save the world while being funny, charming, and irresistibly sexy. Slated to be released once I actually accomplish those things, don't miss Project Logan.