Just What I've Always Wanted! A Transformer/USB Hub/Fake Netbook/Cassette Player!

Illustration for article titled Just What Ive Always Wanted! A Transformer/USB Hub/Fake Netbook/Cassette Player!

All we can say is, Michael Bay had better really step up his game for the sequel.


There are Transformers and there are Transformers. And while a 10-story Optimus Prime is OK, this $42 import features a cassette deck (which, in a manner similar to Soundwave, ALSO features a Transformer), plus it can transform into a netbook. And while this "Qosimo" netbook doesn't necessarily work, the body serves as a charming guise for the 4-port USB hub that lies beneath.

Now, I don't want to blow everyone's minds too hard before a holiday weekend, but imagine, if you will, connecting this USB hub Transformer to more USB hub Transformers. Devastator, stand back. [Product via CraziestGadgets]


UPDATE: OK OK, while both the Autobots' Blaster and the Decepticons' Soundwave both had cassette deck capabilities, the robot does more closely resemble Blaster. I am SO SORRY. Stop emailing me, fellow geeks!

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Hello Mister Walrus

This would be the most useless Transformer ever. All the other Autobots turn into things that move or fly. This guy can connect to the internet? Can he even run more than three applications at a time? Oh, so you have 3G. What are you going to do when Verizon cuts service to our area? What then, Qosimo-bot??