Klipsch LightSpeakers: The Idea Sounds Great, The Quality Is Just OK

Here's the idea: speakers that hide in your light bulbs. And no, you don't see how ugly they are once they're installed.

Screwing in to any normal Edison socket, the Klipsch LightSpeakers fit seamlessly into a can-style light. OR—and this is the more geeky proposition—they can just screw into any old lamp. Yes, you're reading that right, friends. Every lamp in your house could, in theory, be a speaker.


I was surprised, examining various means of installation, how practical the hefty but not-too-huge LightSpeakers could be.

Each unit sips on 10W of power while putting out the equivalent of 65W of light. (In person, the LEDs are blinding without their opaque cover.) But what about the sound? Honestly, it was tough to tell in the crowded, noisy room. But my 5-second impression is boombox-quality. Given that the system was cranked over cranky journalists, maybe a high-quality boombox would be a fairer assessment.

For more info on price/avail, go here: [Gizmodo]


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