Kristen Stewart won't be in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. Plus a Huge Doctor Who update!

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It appears Chris Hemsworth is taking over the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise sooner than anyone expected. Doctor Who reveals episode titles and promo photos. Plus Fringe set photos, Grimm teasers, a Teen Wolf season three preview, and more!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Fringe.

Catching Fire

Stephanie Leigh Schlund, who I'm sure you all remember from her bit parts in Drop Dead Diva and the Miley Cyrus vehicle The Last Song, has reportedly been cast as Cashmere, a career tribute from District 1 who returns to take part in the all-star 75th edition of the Games. Cashmere is the sister of fellow all-star Gloss, who we recently learned will be played by Smallville's Alan Ritchson. [TV Guide]

Snow White and the Huntsman

For reasons that are too boring to waste your time rehashing, Kristen Stewart has reportedly been dropped from the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Instead of making a pair of sequels focused on Snow White followed by a spin-off film starring Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman, Universal has reportedly decided to go straight to the Huntsman movie, which seems like a decent enough idea for a blockbuster, particularly since it's pretty much just a slightly grungier Thor. Oddly, the film's producers had sounded far more focused on the Huntsman spin-off during production of the first movie, and it was only after its release that the interest seemed to shift back to a couple more Snow White movies.

In fact, there's another report that points out neither Stewart nor Hemsworth were even signed on for the sequel, so she can't really be fired from it, but Universal's plans remain the same in either case. Anyway, also getting the boot is sequel screenwriter David Koepp, who has been let go for the understandable if rather brutal reason that Universal no longer wants to make the movie they hired him to write. Oh, and director Rupert Sanders is rumored to be returning for the Huntsman movie, though I refuse to go into why that fact was ever in doubt in the first place, mostly because it's just too tedious. [Hollywood Reporter]

And, just to cover all bases, yet another report says that, while the Huntsman spin-off is definitely Universal's priority right now, that doesn't actually rule out Stewart putting in an appearance as Snow White. I don't think we've had any outright contradictions of the original story so far, but it's probably only a matter of time. Either way, it sounds like Chris Hemsworth is the winner here and David Koepp the loser, which I'm pretty sure was the plan here all along. [Los Angeles Times]


Doctor Who

The BBC is officially getting serious with promoting the upcoming seventh series. They have released promo photos for the first three episodes. Let's start at the beginning, with Steven Moffat's season opener "Asylum of the Daleks", which features every kind of Dalek ever.


Now let's look at Chris Chibnall's "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", which also features some fantastic guest stars, including Sherlock's Rupert Graves and Harry Potter alums David Bradley and Mark Williams, the latter playing Rory's dad.

Third is the big Western episode, "A Town Called Mercy", which is by Being Human creator and "The God Complex" writer Toby Whithouse. It also features Farscape's very own Crichton, Ben Browder, in a guest starring role. [Doctor Who News]


Next up, we now have confirmed titles for the first five episodes, which represent the conclusion of Amy and Rory's time on the show. We've already been through the first three, and the Chris Chibnall-written episode four is called "The Power of Three", which when you think about it is really just a more wordy way of phrasing the long-rumored title "Cubed." Finally, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill's final episode is called "The Angels Take Manhattan" — which I hope starts a long and fruitful trend of naming episodes after Muppet movie titles, starting with "The Great Sontaran Caper" and rolling right along to "Cybermen Treasure Island." That episode is by Steven Moffat, naturally, and actually features location filming in New York, which sets it apart from the series three New York-set two-parter "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks", which only had a bit of second unit filming in the US.

Also, Steven Moffat has confirmed something I had long sort of assumed, which is that the 50th Anniversary celebrations will actually feature an episode aired on the anniversary date itself. The fact that November 23, 2013 is a Saturday probably made it somewhat easier for that to happen, but either way that's pretty damn cool. As for the upcoming season, there's still no premiere date set, but Moffat promises it's coming "soon." [Doctor Who News]

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In a slightly less official announcement, director of photography Mike Southorn has revealed that episode ten, written by Luther creator Neil Cross and previously rumored to be called "The Phantom of the Hex", is now titled "The Hider in the House." He also released this photo of Matt Smith alongside episode guest star Dougray Scott, who is probably best known as the villain in one of the most gloriously batshit insane blockbusters ever made, Mission: Impossible II. For his part, Scott has revealed he is playing a professor in the episode, which would explain why the costume department felt the need to put glasses on the otherwise not very professorial-looking Scott. [Kasterborous]



Here are some set photos from the filming of season five. Check out the original links for more. [I'm Not Obsessed and Zona Fringe via SpoilerTV]



Here's a promo for next Monday's episode, "The Kiss."

"The Kiss" will see the departure of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Nick's mom, although the door will be left open for her return later in the season. The episode will also end with a surprising kiss — presumably the one referenced in the title of the episode — as well as a similarly unexpected car theft. [TV Line]


Here's a synopsis for the fourth episode, entitled "Quill":

During the investigation of an accident site, Nick discovers a disease that is quickly spreading; Monroe and Rosalee come across an infected creature; Captain Renard gets a tip about a dangerous fugitive.



666 Park Avenue

The fifth episode of ABC's show about a paranormal apartment building is reportedly called "A Crowd of Demons." You know, surely there's a better collective noun than "crowd" that they could have used. "A Legion of Demons" is probably the most biblically appropriate and the best attested, but how about something a little more pointed, like, I dunno, "A Congress of Demons"? That just seems right on any number of levels. Anyway, "A Crowd of Demons" it is... for now. [SpoilerTV]



The fifth episode of the imminent season eight is reportedly called "Blood Brothers" and features among its guest cast the following roles: "Andrea Magnuson, happy at resuming a relationship with an old love, and The Old Man, who appears to be a nice young man but is really an ancient and evil vampire." [SpoilerTV]


Warehouse 13

Here's a promo for the next episode and fifth overall, "No Pain, No Gain."


The fifth episode will reportedly be called "Damaged." [SpoilerTV]

Beauty and the Beast

Here's a preview for The CW's upcoming show, which sees the return of Smallville's Kristin Kreuk to the network.

Teen Wolf

Zap2It has ten tidbits from series creator Jeff Davis on what to expect from the supersized, 24-episode third season. You can check out the link for the full list, but here's what he had to say about the show's most important topic, namely the Stiles and Scott bromance and any threats thereto:

"One of the biggest romances of the show is the bromance, because they're so good together. They respect each other as friends and they're still supporting each other through all of their troubles. Isaac [Daniel Sharman] is going to be a big part of next season. It's fun when we have chemistry that appears between actors, and Daniel has really good chemistry with [Scott actor] Tyler Posey, so we're going to be exploring that, and there's going to be a struggle with Scott and Stiles, to see if their friendship can remain as strong."


And here's what's ahead for Allison:

"We've got such good ideas for next season for her, because I love telling redemption stories, so much. To me it all goes back to WWF wrestling, to be honest. When the bad guys turn good and the good guys turn bad, you hate them one minute and then you love them the next, so it'll be interesting to see if she can win the audience back."


He also teases how season three will start to pay off mysteries going all the way back to season one:

"There are certain secrets in the first season and the second season that are going to be explained in the third season. One of the biggest ones is the very first scene of Season 2, where Jackson comes out of the water. We're going to explain what he was doing in the water. We do a lot of planning ahead, so it's nice to do the third season and know you're going to be able to come back and explain a few things."


There's still plenty more at the link. [Zap2It]

Additional reporting by Rob H. Dawson and Charlie Jane Anders.



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