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Puzzle games come a dime a dozen, and to have some staying power they have to be truly fun to play or exceptionally nice to look at. LandFormer is both.


Basically you have to level a plot of land with increasingly complex sets of maneuvers, which starts off pretty simple but quickly runs into that classic Rubiks Cube problem of having one tile that needs shifting but only having tools that also alter the three squares around it. If the mountain look doesn't do much for you, you can purchase different themes in-app, as well as additional levels. The app is free to start, and an additional package of levels is free through July 5. iPhone, Also works on the iPad.



From The App Developers: The Landformer ap is a world-changing puzzle game where you raize and lower terrain to solve challenging puzzles. Each level is made up of 25 land tiles of different heights. Using the provided tools, raise or lower the tiles to flatten the board. Sound simple? It is…and it isn't. Learn the game in minutes, spend hours mastering it! You'll need a keen eye, intuition, and skill to complete the most advanced levels. The fun doesn't stop there: create levels using the built-in level editor and share them with your friends!
By Kyle VanHemert and Casey Chan


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