Learn What Trek's Villain Did During His 25-Year Vacation

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Wondering what Nero did in between killing Captain Kirk's dad and getting his ass kicked by the crew of the Enterprise in this summer's Star Trek? A new comic promises to explain all.

The new series, Star Trek: Nero, will be created by the same people behind Star Trek: Countdown, the four-issue Next Generation series that acted as a prologue to JJ Abrams' franchise reboot, writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones and artist David Messina. Johnson and Jones explain where this new comic comes from:

The basic story in the series derives from Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci]'s screenplay for the movie, including scenes that we don't see in the final cut. And then Bob, being the greatest Trek fan of them all, has been working with us in detail on each issue.


Explaining that Nero spent his 25 year wait for Spock to appear in the past "getting so pissed off – 25 years of getting really, really pissed off," the writers also teased what to expect in Nero:

MJ: Let's see: Robau, prison, ear damage, green blood, the Narada, explosions, astrophysics, red matter, 47 Klingon ships. And more... No TNG cameos in this one, but there are cameos from TOS ["Star Trek: The Original Series").

TJ: Actually... from the original motion picture... [Characters you'll see include] Spock Prime, Quocch, Clavell, and an entity whose name escapes me at the moment.


Am I putting 2 + 2 together and coming up with 5 by thinking that they're teasing a V'Ger cameo?

Star Trek: Nero #1 will be released August 26th.

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