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Lifebook Design Combines All Your Gadgets into One Modular Laptop and More from

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week on TreeHugger, 3D printers go on a road trip, tiny modular gadgets set to revolutionize electronics, watch a bike decompose on a NYC street, and more!

1. 3D Printers In A Prius Prove This Technology is Road Ready
With four 3D printers and a Prius, two designers are finding out just what goes into making and on-demand 3D printing business work.


2. World's Largest Solar Boat En Route to Complete Historic Lap Around the Globe
Planet Solar's Turanor, the world's largest 100% solar-powered boat, is about to complete its 18 month journey across the globe. I climbed aboard while it docked in Abu Dhabi to take a look.

3. Ever Broken a Textbook Beyond Repair? Now, with iBooks, You Can!
On Thursday, Apple announced iBooks 2, iBooks Textbooks, and iBooks Author. If all your textbooks are on your iPad, what happens when it breaks?


4. Lifebook Design Combines All Your Gadgets Into One Modular Laptop
One designer has come up with a sleek and smart way to minimize the waste of duplicated hardware in our many devices.

5. B-Squares' Brilliant Plot to Take Over Electronics With Lego-Like Gadgets
The popular gadget concept earned a killing on Kickstarter, proving that people want these Lego-like devices. However, their purpose is far bigger than entertainment.

6. Silver Ink Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Low-cost, Flexible Electronics
University of Illinois researchers have developed a reactive silver ink with amazing properties that could revolutionize electronics manufacturing.

7. One-Year Time-Lapse of a Bike Decomposing On a NYC Street
What happens when you leave a beautiful new bike locked up on a busy street? This time-lapse video illustrates it.


8. Cubify Brings 3D Printing To Your Livingroom
3D printing is all the rage right now among designers as a way to minimize waste for prototypes. Cubify capitalizes on this to bring 3D printing to kids and budding designers alike.

9. VOTE: What's Your Favorite Gadget Spotted at CES 2012?
We found some really wonderful new devices at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, and it's hard to decide which is coolest!