LifeLock CEO's Identity Has Been Stolen 13 Times

Illustration for article titled LifeLock CEO's Identity Has Been Stolen 13 Times

If Todd Davis's face looks familiar, it's because it's plastered all over subway stops and billboards—right next to his social security number—on ads for the personal security company LifeLock. His lifelock? It's been picked 13 times.


According to a report by the Phoenix New Times, Todd Davis's bold invitation to identity thieves has been accepted over and over and over. Since 2007, Todd Davis-but-not-Todd Davis (sorta like Fake Locke) has failed to pay back a $500 loan, neglected to pay several AT&T bills, and racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

But don't feel too bad for the guy—Davis and his 13 horcruxes only serve to illustrate how shitty LifeLock's service was to begin with. In March, the FTC fined LifeLock $12 million and claimed that their services amounted to little more than a scam. According to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, "the protection they provided left such a large hole...that you could drive that truck through it." He was referring to a huge truck with Davis's mug and social security number on it. [Phoenix New Times via Wired]



It doesn't take a SSN to steal an identity, just sheer will. This guy challenged the nation to steal his identity, and a handful of spunky rebels felt they had what it takes. I bet more than 13 people have tried.

I have the ultimate credit protection... Mediocre credit. I dare someone to steal my identity; I'd gladly trade them my student loans for whatever they can get approved for!