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This week, Apple let a flood of flashlight apps into the App Store, which is kind of exciting because maybe sometime you'll want to use your LED flash as a flashlight but even more exciting because it's a rare instance of Apple giving developers the OK to use their precious for a function it was not explicitly designed for.


Of this flash flood, Light-O-Matic stands out as one of the best designed and most fully featured, and it's only a buck. But if you're a real cheap-o, there are plenty of free options like LED Light for iPhone 4 Free. Straight shooters, those guys.



From the app developers: Introducing the world's best LED Flashlight App for the iPhone 4. Unlock the hidden powers of the LED flash with Light-O-Matic. Featuring three modes to give you complete control over your lighting needs.
*The Strobe Light* Super responsive strobe light gives you an awesome party experience. Light up the scene with a professional grade DJ Strobe Light in your pocket.
*The Flashlight* Never lose your sight again. Erase the darkness away. Enable the power of the LED with the Flashlight. Super bright LED casts up to 20 feet giving you a great range of illumination.
*The Safety Mode*A perfect companion for the athletic runner or cyclist. Flash on motion feature allows your to run or cycle in peace.
In trouble while your on the go? Use the built-in Morse code translator to beam emergency messages. Just type in your message and tap translate. Your message can be seen from miles away! Featuring an beautiful interface, each element is custom hand crafted to create a superb user experience. Retina Display compatible, each pixel is carefully diagnosed for maximum quality control. All software parts designed and assembled in the USA.


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