Tonight's streaming pick is a mean green mother from outer space. Just sit back, open a vein, and let little Audrey II have a sip, eh Seymour?

What's it about?

Boy meets Girl. Boy falls for Girl. Girl is dating an Asshole so Boy buys a flesh-eating plant to impress her but which eventually goes on a murderous rampage. With singing—lots of singing.


Who's in it?

Besides Rick Moranis, Ellen Green, and Vincent Gardenia? How about Bill Murray, Steve Martin, John Candy, and James Belushi. Director Frank "Fozzie Bear" Oz has a walk-on as well.


Why do we like it?

This movie is incredible. It is based on the long-running off-Broadway musical (and its subsequent on-Broadway production) of the same name. Like many of his other works, Frank Oz is able to take heavy subjects—like murder, domestic violence, and dismemberment—and make them approachable for virtually all ages. Every guest appearance—from John Candy as a radio shock jock or Billy Murray as a masochistic dental patient—is memorable and often hilarious. The camera work was also very cool—many shots and scenes retain the "feel" of a stage play. Also, Levi Stubbs—of Four Tops fame—provides the voice for Audrey II, the flesh-eating plant. And because it inspires cakes like this.


Little Shop of Horrors (1986), 94 minutes — Netflix

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