Logitech's S715i is a simple rechargeable iPod speaker dock which will keep working for about eight hours on a single charge. No pricing information just yet, but there are a few specs. Updated: It'll cost $150.

• Eight custom-designed drivers separate sound frequencies, so you hear crisp, clear high notes, a rich, full mid-range and deep powerful bass.
• Rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your tunes at home or on the go for up to eight hours.
• Wireless remote control gives you access to important functions like power, volume, play, pause, shuffle, skip and repeat from up to 30 feet (10 meters) away.
• Trayless dock works with any iPhone or iPod with a Universal Dock Connector.
• Made for iPod and iPhone means you can play and charge your iPhone and any iPod model with a Universal Dock Connector.
• Auxiliary input lets you connect other portable music players through a standard 3.5 mm jack.


Update: There's now a price available. The dock will cost $150. [Logitech]