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LSD Creator Albert Hofmann to Steve Jobs: "How Was LSD Useful to You?"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Huffington Post published a previously-unseen letter from LSD creator Albert Hofmann to Steve Jobs, who has in the past praised LSD's influence on his creative thinking.


The letter itself isn't too illuminating; Hofmann was an incredible 101 years old at the time of writing, and merely mentions that he knew Jobs had mentioned LSD in a positive light in the press. Hofmann asks whether Jobs would like to contribute to an LSD-assisted psychotherapy study, and colorfully asks for Jobs's assistance in turning his "problem child" (Hofmann's pet name for LSD) into a "wonder child."

I understand from media accounts that you feel LSD helped you creatively in your development of Apple computers and your personal spiritual quest. I'm interested in learning more about how LSD was useful to you.


But the story around the letter, and Jobs's affiliation with the hallucinogen, are pretty interesting. Check out the original text (Hofmann's got great handwriting for a guy 101 years old) and background over at HuffPo, and read our exhaustive summary of the life of Steve Jobs here. [Huffington Post, thanks Caitlin!]