Marvel's Agent Carter Has Become One of the Best Comedies on Television

Agent Carter’s first season was a terrific blend of humor and darkness, as a sexist establishment crushed Peggy’s spirit. But season two is shaping up to be much more of a comedy, while still keeping the same themes. And holy crap, is it more fun than a bathtub full of silly string.


See for yourself—the above sequence, in which Peggy is faced with a sexist evil overlord/corporate executive (Ray Wise! OMG Ray Wise!) and keeps zapping him with a memory-wiping device, is just comedy genius. And then right after that the show hits us with Ken Marino as a sleazy mobster. This show is firing on all cylinders now that it’s settled on a comedic tone, and we love it.

I really hope Hayley Atwell’s new role doesn’t preclude her doing a short season of Agent Carter again next year. The TV gods would not be that unjust... would they?

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I loved Rose getting some spotlight! She is the best! Season 3 should be The Adventures of Peggy and Rose.