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Made for people who own their homes rather than rent, the Mediastation Multimedia System is a full bathroom solution that ensures you are never more than three feet away from a computer at all times. The touch-screen system is waterproof, thankfully, so you can access the internet, listen to the radio, watch a DVD, listen to a CD, write text messages, or do just about anything you can do with a regular computer—all in the comfort of your bathtub.

Kueco and Visiomatic are making these in wall-mount and free-standing models, available from 10 to 37-inch models. Like we said, if you own your home, you can put these into the walls, but if you rent, the free-standing ones are for you.


No pricing info, but if this is affordable enough, us always-connected bloggers would prefer a waterproof solution than placing our laptops in a large zip-lock bag and hoping it doesn't leak.

Keuco visiPad by Visiomatic multimedia system - the bathroom Supper-multimedia [Trendir]

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