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Meet the People Building a Medieval Castle Without Using Any New Technology

Two hours outside of Paris stands Guédelon, a castle that looks like it’s from the medieval period, but is actually being constructed right now. What’s more, the castle isn’t being built with new technology but instead with medieval techniques and materials. That means every stone, every tile, every single part of the castle is assembled as it would have been hundreds of years ago.


Construction started way back in 1997 and the castle is still not done; in fact, it’s supposed to take 25 years to complete. But it’s become a tourist attraction because, well, that’s what happens when people from the 21st century decide to go back in time and build something from the 13th century. It’s also pretty damn impressive

There’s an interesting BBC documentary on the archaeological experiment going on at Guedelon that you can watch here, and learn more about the castle here. Below is an overview of the project from Great Big Story:

Here’s that BBC doc:


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Flying Squid (Today is my last day on Kinja. Bye.)

If I could go back and start life over, I’d become an experimental archaeologist. That sounds like the most fun job ever to me.