Metal Case for Next Gen iPod Nano?

In light of all the controversy regarding the iPod nano's flimsy construction, Apple is reportedly considering making the next generation of its flash-based portable music player out of metal, possibly aluminum. Not seen since the iPod mini, metal is being chosen to help cut down on scratches and other deformities that have been associated with the iPod nano, which may have quite an impact on the iPod accessory market. Also of note is that the next generation of iPod nanos are expected to be available in a variety of colors, also like the iPod mini.

The improved iPod nanos are expected to be available this fall with storage capacities all the way up to 8GB. Despite the reported change in material, those in the know claim that the nano will retain its small three-inch tall, 1/4-inch wide form factor.


UPDATE: Frank, a fine reader, sent us this mockup of what an aluminum iPod nano could look like. Will it look like this when actually released? Who knows, but in the meantime, we can all wish upon so many shooting stars that it'll look something like this.

Apple's new iPod nano may sport metal jacket [AppleInsider]


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