Miami Cops to Use Spy Drones for SWAT Team Ops

Drones like the one you see in the video above might soon be used by the Miami Police Department, serving as an unmanned eye-in-the-sky that can go places where it's too dangerous for human beings to tread. Expected to be rolled out next year first in SWAT team operations, the 14 lb. vehicle is unarmed but can fly just about anywhere, and even goes up to altitudes of 10,500 feet. These particular craft were first tested by Honeywell early last year, and now the FAA has given Miami and Houston permission to use them in their busy airspaces. Cops say they're not going to be using these drones to spy on people. Yet. [WPLG, via CrunchGear]


What does this thing use for propulsion/fuel? Is it electric or gas powered? How long can it stay in the air? If it can get to 10k feet, how long can it actually stay there? Can it actually stay up long enough to get to 10k feet or are they just "saying" it "could" do that if it had the juice.....?