Michael Bay Goes Too Far, Directs Victoria's Secret Commercial

Michael Bay isn't talentless. After all, he gave us the first Transformers movie. No no, MIchael Bay is a genius. The catch is that he's also an insidious prankster.

With Transformers, Michael Bay elevated the franchise, fattening geek hearts as one could a calf before slaughter—proving, maybe for the first time in the history of man, that it was not better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

And as the bad reviews poured in, Bay laughed upon his throne of burning diesel.

To top the prank of Transformers 2, however, Transformers 3 would not do. Fans had already written off the franchise, and to some extent, the Michael Bay brand altogether. For his next stunt, Bay would need to infiltrate even deeper cultural tomes invisibly, destroying culture from the inside.


So Michael Bay directed this Victoria's Secret ad, thereby spoiling the singular fragment of the world untainted by his confused action-sexual outlook—a perspective comprised of such distilled adolescence that it shames even the lowest brow among us...well, hopefully. [Gawker]

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This is only NSFW if you work in a Lane Bryant