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Mr. Woo, the Chinese Robot Farmer

How can a man with no formal robotic education create funny and awesome robots out of electronic parts he finds in the junk heap? Mr. Woo found a way, and created so many robots his wife has threatened to leave him (partially because he burned the house down in doing so). Among the more impressive ones are an actual working rickshaw robot that takes him and the wife to town (no idea how it's powered), along with a junior rickshaw robot that takes the kid to town as well. [Boing Boing]


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I think the next logical step for complete kick-assedness is to have two Woo-25s, and have a Roman Litter in which to be transported to the market.

I can only imagine the resounding STOMP....STOMP.....STOMP, in unison, as you pull up to the fresh squid stand.