Multitalented Workbench Cutting Board Is Six Products In One

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I'm literally drooling over this cutting board. It has everything you need to chop, peel, and dice, besides knives.

Jam-packed with features, the Curtis Stone Workbench cutting board has the potential to seriously step up your cooking game. At 22 inches by 14 inches, it's got three stainless steel measuring cups built inside, so as you're preparing an ingredient, you can just scrape it in, so it's ready to add to your dish. It also has a disposal bin for waste, like onion skins or tomato stems.

In order to protect your knives, this board is made out of Ash timber, and it could make the food prep process easier. When you're following a recipe, it's a pain in the ass to chop a vegetable, transfer it to a bowl, clean off the excess, and then move on to the next ingredient, especially if you're working with limited counter space. But this board intuitively consolidates several different tools into one convenient station. All of the pieces are removable, for a smoother clean up.


It sells for $300, but it's got several parts in one, and it's really freaking cool. So if you're spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you might consider dropping the cash. [Gadget Review]