NASA Carves Pumpkins Better Than You Ever Could

Put a man on the Moon? Sure. Establish a continuously orbiting zero-gravity laboratory? Easy. Parachute a rover onto Mars? Ain't no thang. Okay, fine NASA, but can you carve a pumpkin?

Oh snap, yeah you can.

This video of NASA JPL's annual pumpkin carving contest comes to us from our good friend, former NASA engineer Mark Rober. These scientists were given one hour (just one!) to put together this Miss Universe Du Squash, and the feats they were able to pull off are simply amazing. These guys don't play, even when they're playing. [Mark Rober]

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You know what, I'm calling this a dick move by NASA. I mean isn't like they have amazing jobs or anything like SENDING ROCKETS INTO FREAKING SPACE. Yet they have to take pumpkin carving from us simple folk also. What's next? NASA turkey dinner challenge? Yes the turkey made by Steve in astroengineering was scientifically amazing, but that's my whole point!

TL;DR version: I wish I was an astronaut...