National Zoo Lion Cubs Pass Most Adorable Swim Test Ever

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In March, four cubs were born to African lion (Panthera leo) Shera at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Now that they're a little over two months old the cubs almost ready to join their relatives in the lion enclosure, but first they have to pass a swim test.

There's a moat in the lion enclosure, and before the cubs can be left to scamper about, the zoo's animal staff needs to trust that the baby lions can safely swim to the edge and pull themselves onto dry land.

Our favorite part is either the giant butterfly net ready to scoop them out if they fail, or their indignant growls upon being dropped into cold water.

All four cubs - three males and one female - passed the test, so they'll be ready to join their aunts and half-siblings in the lion enclosure in just a few more weeks.


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