Navigon Wants an Extra $25 for Real-Time Traffic Data on the iPhone

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Fresh off last week's free text-to-speech and iPod control updates, Navigon's back with a new feature announcement for their iPhone app. And hey, this real-time, crowd-sourced traffic data sounds pretty great! But is it $25 great?

I've seen the feature in action, and it's about as seamless as traffic integration gets. Data is drawn from a massive fleet of devices, Navigon and otherwise, curated by a third party, and fed live into the app. Each traffic obstruction is listed individually, so you can choose to avoid one while weathering another, or just see what you're up against. This, combined with historical traffic data, means you're probably going to be able to trust Navigon's traffic-avoiding routes, or at least, you know, respectfully disagree.


But eh, that price: This (one time) $25 add-on, which is probably the highest in-app purchase price I've seen so far, brings the total cost of MobileNavigator to $115. Best case scenario, this'll give the other nav app makers, who are kind of taking a beating, saleswise, a little plan for a comeback: free live traffic. TomTom? TeleNav? Anyone? [Navigon]