Neither Kevin Feige Nor Brie Larson Wanted Ms. Marvel's 'Bathing Suit' Costume in Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel’s ensemble has seen some, let’s just say, changes over the past several years. One of Carol Danvers’ most-recent comics costumes, designed by Jamie McKelvie for Kelly Sue DeConnick’s 2012 series, inspired Brie Larson’s movie ensemble. But according to a recent interview, Larson didn’t want the more skimpy predecessors going anywhere near her.

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Larson and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige talked about getting Larson on board to star in Captain Marvel. Larson said she chose to join a project—the MCU’s first solo female-led superhero film—she was originally hesitant about because it was a “culmination of a lot of things I’ve wanted.” But when it came to Carol’s superhero look, she and Feige were thankfully on the same page.

Feige recalled a meeting at Marvel where Larson spotted some back issues of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, showing some of the more scant outfits Carol Danvers used to don (like this).


“If you look at the comics, the further you go back, the less clothes Carol Danvers seems to be wearing,” Feige said. “Oftentimes it’s a one-piece bathing suit, basically, with outrageous comic proportions...Brie pointed it out on the wall, and we went, ‘Yeah, just so you know, that’s not what we’re doing.’ She goes, ‘Okay. I didn’t think so, but I’m glad you said that.’”

Frankly, we’re glad too. Not only is Larson’s Captain Marvel outfit extraordinary—with or without the mohawk helmet—but it also has made for some amazing everyday fashions. If only I had, you know, disposable income.


Captain Marvel arrives in theaters with her awesome outfits on March 8.

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