Night Navigator Star Finder

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The next time we go out with our wives to stargaze, we'll definitely take along the Night Navigator Star finder. The handheld device will tell you where your favorite constellation or your zodiac sign in almost instantly. Other features:

  • Locates and identifies constellations, stars and planets in just seconds
  • Automatically shows you where to look in the sky, including how high
  • Quickly identifies constellations and bright stars you notice on your own
  • Labels the night sky in 16 color-keyed, illuminated sky charts
  • Built-in digital compass and patented microchip technology quickly and accurately locates 43 constellations
  • Locates all first magnitude stars and the visible planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)

Not only that, now as an amateur astronomer you can tell people's fortunes! Or was that astrologer.


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