When you're a kid, all you need is a handful of backpacks and crumpled up coats to turn an empty playground into a soccer field. But to promote its new soccer shoes designed for street use, Nike worked with ad agency DoubleYou in Madrid, Spain, to come up with a better way to create an instant soccer field by harnessing the awesome power of lasers.


Using an app, aspiring soccer stars lacking access to a proper venue could request a visit from a mobile unit that patrolled Madrid for a short while. When it arrived at a location a crane would be used to hoist a laser projector high into the air, creating a virtual soccer field wherever there was enough room for one. A pair of small nets completed the temporary venue, allowing kids to enjoy a game even without a single blade of grass.

Illustration for article titled Nikes Roving Laser Bus Created Soccer Fields Out of Thin Air

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