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Now AT&T Wants the FCC To Investigate Google Voice

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This AT&T/Google/Apple catfight over Google Voice gets stranger as AT&T asks the FCC to investigate Google Voice for not adhering to federally mandated call-blocking regulations. As in Google Voice is blocking some calls.

AT&T claims that FCC regulations enforce net neutrality on all phone carriers, forcing all calls to be connected no matter where the destination is. Google Voice apparently blocks calls to "adult-chat lines and conference call services, which charge expensive access fees."

The fact that the FCC smacked down the company back in 2007, when AT&T's actions of not connecting numbers to rural phone companies who were overcharging, probably has something to do with AT&T wanting everyone to be on the same level. That and Google's recent complaints about Apple and AT&T and its Google Voice app for the iPhone. Of course Google's defense is that they're not actually a phone provider since people need an actual phone service to be able to use GV. [WSJ]