Now AT&T Wants the FCC To Investigate Google Voice

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This AT&T/Google/Apple catfight over Google Voice gets stranger as AT&T asks the FCC to investigate Google Voice for not adhering to federally mandated call-blocking regulations. As in Google Voice is blocking some calls.


AT&T claims that FCC regulations enforce net neutrality on all phone carriers, forcing all calls to be connected no matter where the destination is. Google Voice apparently blocks calls to "adult-chat lines and conference call services, which charge expensive access fees."

The fact that the FCC smacked down the company back in 2007, when AT&T's actions of not connecting numbers to rural phone companies who were overcharging, probably has something to do with AT&T wanting everyone to be on the same level. That and Google's recent complaints about Apple and AT&T and its Google Voice app for the iPhone. Of course Google's defense is that they're not actually a phone provider since people need an actual phone service to be able to use GV. [WSJ]

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Crazy as it sounds, this would have been the perfect excuse for rejecting (or "not approving") Google Voice. If the FCC requires the connection and Google Voice blocks some of them, the answer back to Google could simply have been "it is in violation of FCC rules" and the story would be over. Wouldn't that have been a great response to the FCC looking into the issue?

"Um, yeah, so you force us to connect all calls, and this application blocks some of them, so the FCC - er, your branch of the government - sort of forced us to reject the stupid thing."