NYT: The Apple Tablet's Got 3G and iPhone Apps Still Work

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The Paper of Record, the NYT, is backing up the rumors that the Apple tablet'll have a 10-inch screen, 3G and iPhone app compatibility that Jesus so presciently predicted.

The full quote, from a piece on the Tablet's impact on old media:

It will run all the applications of the iPhone and iPod Touch, have a persistent wireless connection over 3G cellphone networks and Wi-Fi, and will be built with a 10-inch color display, allowing newspapers, magazines and book publishers to deliver their products with an eye to the design that had grabbed readers in print.


We've heard these rumors before, of course, but the NYT is the first credible source to say that the tablet will come with 3G and maintain iPhone app compatibility. The 3G question now becomes: Who's the carrier? AT&T, Verizon, or both? And does that mean it'll be subsidized with a contract? With answers, there's always just more questions. [NYTimes, photo credit: Steve McQuillen]