One of the most iconic Amazing Spider-Man cover arts is going to auction

Todd McFarlane's cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #300 is one of the most recognisable comic book covers in History - and now the original artwork is going to auction, and expected to fetch a pretty penny.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 was special for a lot of reasons - not only for being the 300th issue of the long running series, coming in Spider-Man's 25th year of webslinging adventures, but it was also the comic that introduced Venom, one of Spidey's most iconic villains. McFarlane's art during his time on Amazing Spider-Man is probably some of his best work over a long career of standout comic art, so this being not just his original work but also one of the most famous pieces of Comic Book art ever, means it's attracting a lot of attention over at Heritage Auctions.


The 10" x 15" art, which is signed by McFarlane and includes a handwritten note from him on the back, goes up for auction from November 20th to November 22nd, with Internet bidding running up until the 20th. The price is already at $101,000 - and expected to raise much, much higher before its sold. Heritage have sold McFarlane's Marvel art in the past: his art for The Amazing Spider-Man #328 depicting Spidey going up against the Hulk sold through them in 2012 for $657,250, at the time making it the most expensive piece of comic art ever sold.

If you're interested in following along, the Auction can be viewed online here.


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