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Year In ReviewYear In ReviewWe look back at the best, worst, and most significant moments of the year, and look forward to next year.

For years, tech and media companies big and small have been trying to pivot to video. In 2018, a lot of those pivots are turning into trips and falls. But not here at Gizmodo. We’re making videos about tripping and falling. Other stuff, too!


No, seriously. While Facebook is offering D-List celebrities series on Watch and Twitter’s still doing absolutely nothing for video except de-monetizing cartoon violence, we’ve been picking up our cameras and getting to work. We’re making our writers and producers go do wacky stuff for the blog, and some of the videos turned out pretty darn great.

And according to our metrics, viewers are loving it. We had a great year, full of many 3-second-long views! Here are some of our absolute favorite videos, some of which people actually did watch all the way through.


Re-Inventing The Wheel(s)

We All Fall Down, just not as much as ACE.

Adam Clark Estes deserves a goddamn Golden Globe (or some actually impressive award) for the sacrifices he’s made for the blog. Although he did end up with some pretty sweet elbow pads, so I guess that’s a perk. ACE, we thank you and look forward to torturing you in 2019.

The Year Of The Vape

Literally every vape pod company is named after a stripper.

This year, we mimicked vape companies everywhere by telling the youths not to vape and then making it look super cool. But one question remains from our news editor, can you vape Wall-E blood?


Life... Finds a (High)way.

They see us rollin’, they hatin’.

On Team Gizmodo, there is a man who lives in the North and sends me toys when I behave well. No, not Santa. It’s Andrew Liszewski of Canada. Here is a bonus video of me test driving a slightly smoller boi into the walls of our office.


It’s All Rigged

AKA This Is What An Adult Highchair Looks Like

We spent real money and mostly real time creating an 8-monitor, 18-million-pixel work station for no real good reason at all. But we did realize that putting Twitter across eight screens is the modern day torture scene from A Clockwork Orange.


UV and Dupree

It rubs the lotion on its skin.

We’re all screwed anyway, but while you’re on this dumb planet, you might as well protect yourself from the spewing hot ball of fire we call the Sun. We made our poor intern stand in the hot sun for hours to show you just how wrong you are about using sunscreen, so watch for that reason alone.


Rats & Rats With Wings

Because we’re a bird blog.

This summer, as part of our From The Lab series, we studied the New York City Mascots to learn a bit more about the behaviors of urban wildlife in our own backyards. One of our biggest takeaways was that they could definitely beat the Knicks in a pick-up game. “My favorite part was when we cut the toes off of a dead pigeon and then went to go eat lunch.” - Emily Lipstein, pictured above.


The Bloop Heard Around The World

Betty Bloop.

Yes, you heard it right. That little mysterious underwater gurgle that sounds like indigestion was actually the loudest underwater sound ever recorded. After scientists ruled out “whale fart” and “Spongebob laugh” they determined it was... well, you’ll have to watch to find out!


Shell Yeah!

Life’s a beach.

This video makes the cut for a couple of reasons. First of all, it allowed us to make terrible shell puns for weeks, but it also introduced us to one of our finest video subjects, Shelly Kelly. Join the shellebrations and watch above.


Quest Love

Laptop vs. Tablet is bigger than Cowboys vs. Aliens

We’ve come a long way since the original Microsoft prototype featured in this video, but why haven’t we been able to create the perfect 2-in-1 yet? We spoke with the world’s leading laptop designers to see just how far we’ve come, and how much further we need to go in The Quest To Build The Impossible Laptop.


Fat, Actually

It’s a... small island.

This one is on the list merely because it’s our editor in chief’s least favorite video. She hates it almost as much as this one. She fought us on it. But we fought harder for this love story of man and fat. Hold on to your love handles and watch a story more romantic than Love, Actually.


Pitch Black To The Future

The Gateway, not to be confused with The Gateway

In this remake of the movie Drive, we flew some drones near the sprawling dikes north of Amsterdam. Afsluitdijk is more than just a bunch of consonants strung together, it’s a 20-mile dam in the Netherlands and the location of this futuristic and energy-saving installation by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde.


Under Water Pressure

Now that’s what I call Clean Energy

You may remember Harrison from such blogs as “This Cardboard Desk That Sucks Is Actually Good” and “I Can’t Quit Facebook Because My Salsa Team Needs Me.” It’s hard to say what his most interesting take is, but watching him shower fully clothed is definitely on the list.


We Are All Garbage Patch Kids

Welcome to the dumpster.

Being called “trashy” isn’t just something The Real Housewives of New Jersey say anymore. It’s real, thanks to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now estimated at 617,762 square miles, roughly twice the size of Texas. Much like the state, I would not be upset if that Garbage Patch seceded. Put that on your belt buckle.


i...dk, Robot.

Who would win in a staring contest? Probably Sophia because staring at her for more than 3 seconds is horrifying. The twitchy robot, incapable of making eye contact or (probably) any meaningful relationships except for Mark Zuckerbot, chatted us up at CES earlier this year.


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