Our First Description Of Iron Man's Mark IV Suit

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Tony Stark looks across a model of the Stark Expo, in a new Iron Man 2 photo. But the workshop surrounding him is also full of clues to the movie's story (and backstory), judging from a set report. Spoilers below!


Marvel.com visited the set of Marvel's next big movie, and the short write-up is chock full of hints about the new movie:

  • The workshop's floor is covered with a black reflective tile, to make it easier to project "holographic images" anywhere in the room.
  • There's a new Iron Man suit, the Mark IV, which has "much broader shoulders and wrist guards compared to the Mark III, which still displays battle damage from the fight with Iron Monger."
  • Iron Man is becoming a pop culture icon — the workshop includes an Iron Man "sillhouette" poster in the style of Barack Obama's campaign posters. Guess what you'll be sporting on your cubicle wall in a year or so?
  • As Tony looks at that model of the Stark Expo (like the World's Fair, only sponsored by Tony's dad) he mutters "The key to the future is... where?" So maybe something his dad included in that Expo turns out to be important?
  • Another scene involves Tony pacing and arguing with his computer butler Jarvis, and enlarging and reconstructing the Expo's pavillion holographically, leading to a breakthrough. Says Tony, "I am discovering — rediscovering — a new element."
  • The Expo stuff, plus some giant signs from oil conglomerates, indicates the energy crisis will play a huge role in the new movie. The workshop also has blueprints, newspaper clippings, an old film projector, and NASA documents — all related to whatever Howard Stark was working on. Tony's dad also worked on the Manhattan Project, which may become significant.
  • And yes, all this dredging up of the past does relate to the film's new Russian characters, including Black Widow and Whiplash. The sins of the Cold War are coming back again, by the sound of things.

[Marvel via The HD Room]



The one problem I have is that Tony's dad worked on the Manhattan project. That's kind of aging him a bit much.

Other than that, I really can't wait. Let's see what Mandarin references this installment gives us.