Outkast - B.O.B.

Last Friday Outkast reunited at Coachella for their first performance since 2002, opening with the 154 bpm banger "B.O.B." Their reception was mixed at best, but the performance was undoubtedly historic. And of all songs to lead with, they chose one of the fastest and most aggressive.

Tonight, the Atlanta duo will do it all again. If you missed last week's performance, or are curious, you can stream all of tonight's sets at Coachella—including Outkast—at this link starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Outkast goes on last, scheduled at 11:30pm Pacific. I'm looking forward to seeing what they open with, because the 154-bpm track they kicked things off with last week had me utterly losing my mind.

The original video is posted above, but you can peep a bootleg Youtube clip of the actual performance from last week below. How much of the song can you actually sing along to? (Not much, it's fast as hell). [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play]


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