Oxygen Audio Turns Your iPhone Into a Car Stereo

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Plenty of cars come with some middling form of iPhone connectivity. Install Oxygen Audio's O'Car deck and your iPhone essentially becomes your stereo. Pimp.


Thanks to its front facing snap-in mount, the $349 O'Car will hug any version of your iPhone and transform it into your car's main audio interface. You get dominion over Internet radio, GPS navigation, Bluetooth hands free calling, all your videos and apps, as well as subwoofer control. Oh, and you'll have access to your iTunes library, of course.

The deck includes an AM/FM/RDS radio and a 4 by 55 watt built-in amp. You can even adjust the mount to tilt your iPhone towards you or quickly switch from landscape and portrait modes. Oxygen Audio says a European version will go on sale (in the US) this month for $299 sans AM radio. And if you really care about talk radio, you can wait until spring when the American version is expected to ship for $349.



$350 doesn't sound too bad. I think they need a 2 din model as well. I like the concept.